Remember me.

My world is getting smaller,It's shrinking day by day
I know that you have noticed, you don't know what to say.
I mix up all my sentences, the words just won't come out,
It really is frustrating, but please don't scream or shout.

I can't do much about it however hard I try,
my life is getting fuzzy I'm trying not to cry.
My words get stuck inside me, I'm getting so confused
I know that it's dementia, I've seen it on the news.

I remember dear Aunt Ethel, they said she'd gone senile
she put washing in the oven, it really was a trial.
I cannot seem to recognise my family or my friends,
my memory is shrinking, the strain it never ends.

I tell the same old story, repeating every word,
I know enough to realise, but everything seems blurred.
I don't know how it happened, did I do something wrong?
I need you to stand by me, I hope you can be strong.

Please don't ever leave me, I'm stuck inside this head,
where everything is tangled, I face each day with dread.
Remember I once loved you with all my heart and soul
I'm scared I will forget you, I am no longer whole.

Please never give up looking, try to find the key,
know I'm in their somewhere, trying to break free.
Play my favourite music, sing my special song,
Don't worry you'll look stupid, there is no right or wrong.

Remind me of the stories that we once loved to share
tell carers all about me, bring in my comfy chair.
I hope you'll find a glimmer, a glimpse of the old me,
a memory of those happy years when we were so carefree.

Jan Millward ©

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