Conversation starters…

We have started to receive some lovely postcards from people around the UK, and some further afield, since joining “Postcards of Kindness”.

We’ve had one from a little person in Kindergarden/Nursery, and ones from as far away as America and Mexico.

We’ve enjoyed reading all the cards we’ve received and they have prompted some lovely conversations with our residents. The card from America evoked one lady’s memories about the holidays in America that she had with her late husband, and another has been talking about St Petersburg.

We will be writing back to those that have put their address on .

A huge thank you for all the cards we have received. We’ve now got 2 maps displayed at the home – one for the UK cards, and one for the world ones. Both are starting to fill up the walls around them and are making a truly fascinating display.

  • October 29, 2019