This Policy aims to protect everyone who lives and works in Rathside Rest Home from Coronavirus.

This policy/procedure has been written with the government guidelines being taken into consideration. Rathside Rest Home has considered the Health and Safety guidelines of the Home and Infection Control guidelines which have been effective throughout the Covid 19 Pandemic.

Government guidelines continue to state that, each resident at the home will have 5 named persons who will be allowed to visit inside a Care home. However, there will only be 2 visitors allowed to visit each resident at a time. These visits will have to be safe, and all previous guidelines followed.

Room visits will be allowed for a resident that is too poorly to come to the visiting areas or who are on Palliative Care. However, the number of people visiting may still have some restrictions. The homes discretion will be used for these visits, ensuring safety of the home.

The government has stated that if a visit is to take place out of the home, that no isolation period is deemed necessary should the visit/outing be in an outdoor space (garden-seaside -park).

An indoor outing, (restaurant, cinema, or family home), no longer requires an isolation period. However, LFT tests are to be completed by the family involved in the visit and completion of a form providing information on the visit. Government guidelines on Infection Control must be adhered to during the visits.


Booking a Visit:

To book a visit to the home a person should, in the first instance, discuss arrangements with other family members
– this is due to:

  • A maximum of 2 people only being allowed to visit at any given time.
  • Once a decision is made who will visit call the home between 9am and 4pm to pre- book an appointment with either Pauline or Zoe.
  • An appointment system remains in place, however there will be more allocated visiting times, so that more close contact visits can take place. Some weekend visits are available; however, these are on a first come first served basis and can get booked up very quickly. A testing system remains in place for close contact visits in the Bistro area (either a 30-minute test carried out at the home or your evidence that you have carried out the test that morning and pose minimum risk)

The Care home will ask the type of appointment required so that they can plan care around the
visit/outing and advise on infection control measures to be taken.

Reminiscence Room – a 45 minute visit in the Reminiscence Room. No mask required; this is a no contact visit.

Bistro Area – a 45 Minute visit in the screened area of the Bistro. LFT test must be negative before the visit can go ahead. Full PPE-Mask-Gloves-Apron must be always worn, this is a close contact visit and a maximum of 2 people at any time – The visitors must not venture to any other part of the home. There will be staff around to support the visit, if required. You may hold your loved one’s hands or give a hug. However, understanding that the risk is greater for passing the virus onto your loved one if you do hug.

Room VisitsFull PPE must be worn and a Negative LFT Test must be seen before the visit can go ahead. Only named visitors and only 2 at a time. Extra numbers can visit at the senior team’s discretion if the person is unwell.

Front area – There is a Gazebo in place (fine weather permitting) at the front of the home. Visitors must continue to wear masks unless you adhere to 2-meter distancing to enable your mask to be removed. Should a person want a close contact visit then a mask should be always worn.

Outing -The named person will be asked by the care home where they are taking the resident and how long they estimate the outing to be for. The care home will ask for the following infection control measures to be followed:

  • Avoid overcrowded areas.
  • Avoid close contact with members of the public.
  • Avoid public transport.
  • Carry and use Hand sanitizer frequently.

*LFT test to be completed
Travelling by car – The named person should be in the front while the resident sits in the rear of the car all persons in the car should be always wearing a mask and the windows should be open to allow air flow.

The named person should inform the care home of the place of the visit – in the event of an outbreak occurring at the home, we would have to notify the place of the visit. The named person should check into the place of the visit by leaving details of all parties or by using the QR code in the place of the visit.

A walk to the park – Masks are not required, however if visiting inside areas , please ensure that a
mask is used and hand hygiene is followed and hand sanitizer’s are used.


You can order your own LFT tests from the Government website, or pick up from your local chemist, which can be used prior to your visit starting - this means that you will not have to wait 30 minutes for your visit to be able to start. If Negative and your temperature is fine, then you can go straight into your visit following PPE guidelines.

If you require the test to be completed at the home prior to your visit, then you must arrive at the home 30 minutes prior to the time of your visit start time. You will be asked to sit outside in your car, to wait for the result of the test to come through.

On arrival at the Care home, you will be asked to prove by way of a photo and email/text message from that day the result of a Lateral Flow Test (LFT) if you have completed prior to your visit. Please be mindful if you feel ill but an LFT shows negative please postpone your visit until a PCR can be carried out as your LFT result could be incorrect.

Please arrive for your visit or outing on time. As this is a booking system and there will be visits after yours that have been booked.

Please remember we are trying to maintain the safety of everyone at the home and yourselves. Please support us with this policy and work with us, as things are continuing to improve. However, there are still new variants springing up and we must continue to be vigilant with all of our procedures.

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