Postcards of Kindness

The Postcards of Kindness is a group, that care homes register on to, which asks people to send postcards to people living in care homes. The postcards could be from their holidays, from schools or simply giving some information or asking questions.

The aim is to combat isolation and loneliness around the country, make connections, create friendships, and remind care home residents that there are always  people thinking about them.

Here at Rathside we’ve registered onto the Group and were excited this week to appear on the Postcards of Kindness Facebook page as 1 of its 10 daily featured care homes. 

We’re really excited to be receiving postcards from all over the UK and beyond! 

Thank you to everyone who has already sent us postcards. We were particularly delighted this week to receive a special postcard and letter from a school in Kent containing lovely thoughts from the Year Six children who had enjoyed their recent visit to the Tower of London.  

Our residents will be sending some vintage postcards themselves and also answering some questions in a return letter to the school children.

We will be sharing photographs of our map and the postcards we receive so please keep a look out. 

Hopefully our imaginations will be piqued and who knows what memories will be stirred in our residents? We’re looking forward to finding out and reminiscing together  …

  • October 17, 2019