Hug a Cat Day

Today is Hug Your Cat Day!

Quite simply, this is a day in which cat owners everywhere are encouraged to hug their cats. It’s an opportunity to give back to all the cats in the world and shower them with love and attention.

The more dedicated cat lovers will not need this encouragement, of course, but it is always good to be reminded of our feline friends. The obvious downside to the day is that people without cats may be left out. However Rathside has our own sets of Robotic cats so we weren’t going to be left out.

Cats were, and continue to be, seen as symbols of grace and poise. Some studies show that cat purring can help to reduce stress levels and make one feel calmer. Therefore, it makes sense why the decision was made to turn hugging your cat into a celebration.

  • June 4, 2021