A message from Rathside’s Manager, Pauline Hewitt :

Thankyou to everyone that is reading all our messages on our Rathside Facebook page and supporting our home. We have reached the total of **401** people who have liked our main Facebook page and that is amazing.

Thankyou for all the lovely comments .

My staff are working hard in continuing to try and keep all families up to date with your loved one , that they are having the priviledge of supporting and caring for .

Thankyou for entrusting us to do this .
Remember our motto !!

The staff are doing an amazing job , through difficult cicumstances, however they are continuing day to day with every aspect of care that is required . I am so proud of them all …

Fun, laughter, music, singing, dancing, but there are also times that the resident may just want a chat about what is going on outside of the home and reassurance that we will get through this together.

We watch the news together once a day and they have their daily papers , however, we do not dwell on it, and quickly get back to fun times.

We understand that is very hard for you all to not to be able to get up close and have that hug, but there is gold at the end of the rainbow, and that is: Rathside will throw open its doors and you will be all coming into the home again, and hugs and kisses will abound .
We will have a fantastic party to let everyone know that Rathside have come out the other side of this .

To all families, friends, and all my staff , continue to stay safe.

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